Dr Benjamin Templeton Paul

Ben’s expertise in patterning in vitro neural cultures at the Neurophotonics Laboratory at the University of Nottingham with two photon polymerisation rigs was the genesis of Neuroloom. As a bioengineer with experience in optics and materials science he was able to recognise the opportunity combining advance additive manufacturing techniques with state of the art cell culture and characterisation methods offered, and apply those insights to the challenges facing neural interfacing.

  • Bachelor of Science @ King’s College London
  • Masters of Bioengineering @ University of Nottingham
  • PhD in Manufacturing @ University of Nottingham

James Wright

James has a background in product development as a software engineer in the military, neuromorphic and aerospace domains, obtained through his time with both multinationals and startups. He has previous experience in commercialising neurotechnology. James’ has practical expertise in neural interfacing with awake behaving human subjects acquired while undertaking a Doctor of Philosophy in Neuroprosthetics at the International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems. While attempting to develop a neuromorphic controller for a neuroprosthetic interface with the somatosensory system James became convinced that the current materials and methods available to scientists and clinicians for interacting with neural tissue were unable to overcome their inherent limitations, and that a radical new approach was necessary.

  • Bachelor of Arts @ University of New South Wales
  • Masters of Information Technology Studies @ University of Queensland
  • PhD in Neuroprosthetics @ University of Western Sydney (ongoing)
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