Our next generation neural interface rests on the two pillars of our technology

Biohybrid electrodes

Our biohybrid electrodes overcome the issue of immuno-rejection associated with higher resolution invasive neuromodulation techniques by decoupling the material properties of the penetrating and conductive components of the neural interface. We start by encapsulating cultured neurons from our patients inside our micro fabricated structures, which protect them during implantation and guide them to the target tissues after implantation, allowing the formation of new synapses. By electrically stimulating the encapsulated neurons we can deliver neurostimulation to the target tissues, modulating their behaviour for therapeutic effect.

Neuromorphic Electronics

Our devices are designed by our neuromorphic engineers, utilising a design philosophy that is inspired by the biological neural system that we seek to interface with. Traditional digital electronics are rapidly approaching the limits of Moore’s Law, and increasing transistor density is no longer the panacea for device performance. Neuromorphic techniques enable us to utilise cognitive computing on board our implanted pulse generator, instead of offloading these functions to the cloud.

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